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What to do in Tioman IslandLess than 50km offshore of Mersing lies one of the most beautiful island landscape of Malaysia – Tioman Island. Its highest point is marked by towering twins of Gunung Kajang, in the middle of dense rainforest, while the island itself is surrounded by rich coral reefs. This makes Tioman Island an ideal place for jungle trekking, snorkelling, diving and other outdoor activities. Hence, it’s no surprise that it was chosen as one of the most beautiful island in the world by TIME Magazine.

What to do in Tioman Island?

Tioman offers plenty of activities for tourists. The island of paradize is known for diving and snorkelling, but there are so much more things to do in the beautiful island. Below are top 6 things to do in Tioman.

1. Snorkelling

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Of course. The underwater view of Tioman Island is nothing short of spectacular due to its crystal-clear water and colorful coral reefs. One can choose to either wade into the azure water straight from the sandy beach or take up one of the island-hopping tours from the locals to nearby uninhabited Renggis Island or Tulai Island (Coral Island).

Tulai Island is highly recommended for its pristine Pasir Panjang Beach and Batu Malang, where you might spot reef sharks, turtles and eagle rays, if you’re lucky.

Renggis Island is so small that it hardly has any shore to cling onto, but it’s a busy coral ‘city’ down under its water. If you’re looking for quantity, this is the spot!

2. Scuba Diving.

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Tioman island has quite a number of dive centres, offering PADI diving courses. Most of the centres can be found at Salang Village and Air Batang, due to their close proximity to the regular dive sites.

Diving enthusiast will be spoilt for choice, as there are plenty of dive sites offering world class diving scenery, like the Tiger Reef, Chebeh Island, Labas Island, Salang Wreck, Soyak Island, Labas Rock, just to name a few.

3. Jungle Trekking.

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In the middle of the Tioman Island, is a large section of rainforest with paths and treks to ‘stretch your feet’. The shortest jungle trek runs from Kampung Tekek to Air Batang, while a more strenuous one is the 7 km stretch between Kampung Juara and Kampung Tekek, that cuts through the jungle. Be sure to bring enough drinking water as the trekking will take a few hours.

4. Hiking to Gunung Kajang.

The mountain’s summit sits 1038m from sea level, and trails leading up to it demands a good level of physical fitness. The hike should not be attempted without a guide. The ascend usually starts before dawn, to make it to the summit by noon, and finishes the descend in the evening.

5. Asah Waterfalls.

There’s no better way to enjoy the nature of Tioman Island than dipping into refreshing cold water of Asah Waterfall, just a short hike from Kampung Mukut. Also known as Mukut Waterfalls, the waterfall is shadowed by the lush vegetations, and offers a change from the warm, sun-soaked beaches. As with all jungle trekking activities, do bring enough drinking water and food along.

6. Juara Turtle Project.

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Not to see the turtle, but witness the amazing job the volunteers did for turtle conservation. You might be able to see the turtle hatchlings, depending on the timing. If not, it’s good to know that the entrance fee you paid, is contributing to the conservation of the endangered animal.

Where to stay in Tioman Island:

As it is forbidden to build anything higher than 3 stories on Tioman Island, most of the accommodations are basic and run by the local villagers. Berjaya Resort was once the only starred hotel available, until it was joined by more luxurious Japamala Resort, Bagus Place Retreat and the likes of them.

Budget stay:

1. Bamboo Hill Chalets (Kampung Air Batang)

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Nothing fancy, but the chalet is equipped with all the basic facilities to make one’s stay comfortable. It’s main pros is that, it sits on the hill, and with all the chalets having a veranda, guests will be treated to a stunning view of the sea.

Bamboo Hill Chalet Website 

2. The Beach Shack (Kampung Juara)

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The Beach Shack is made up of simple wooden shacks on the lovely, rather isolated beach of Kampung Juara. You will share the beach with only a handful of occupants, and to top it off, Juara is known to be the best beach on Tioman main island. Remember to say hello to Beach Shack’s pet monkies – Endon and Cinta.

The Beach Shack Website

3. Impian Inn (Kampung Genting)

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The word ‘hospitality’ seems to be synonym with Impian Inn, as online reviews of it gleamed with the words “exceptional staffs.”  Impian Inn is only 5 minutes walk from Kampung Genting jetty, which is the first stop for the ferry. It provides a quiet kampung feel to it, but at the same time, not too far from restaurants and shops.

Impian Inn Website 

Mid-Range :

1. Coconut Groves (Kampung Juara)

Coconut Groves is a perfect fusion of modern and rustic, with its traditional attap-roofed malay shacks boast of contemporary interiors, overlooking the 2km stretch of Juara beach.  All shacks come with ensuite bathrooms with water heaters and rain showers,  air conditionings and ceiling fans.

Coconut Groves Website 

Upscale Range :

1. Japamala Resort by Samadhi

How To Get To Tioman Island From Singapore

Japamala eco luxe resort sits amidst Tioman Island’s rainforest and it boasts of suites and villas, with attention to detail furnishings, overlooking the azure sea. Guests swear by their turndown services with occasional chocolate, cakes et cetera.

Japamala Resort Website 

2. Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort

desaru tunamaya beach resort johor

If you are looking for upscale accommodation accompanied by all-in packages, where you do not have to search for activity tours, and figure out where to dine, Tunamaya is got to be the top choice in this category. Tunamaya offers a few packages to cater to your needs, including meals, excursions and treatments at its renown Sarang Spa.

Tunamaya Beach Resort Website 

Best time to visit Tioman Island:

The best time to visit Tioman is between April to September before the monsoon season hits the shore in Oct-Feb. Some surfers will aim for monsoon months for the luscious waves, but take note that some chalets will be close during these months, and there’s a high possibility of ferry cancellation due to the weather.

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