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Singapore to MersingThere is no other place like Mersing. Stunning beaches, traditional shop houses and exquisite island will set a new vacation standard for you and your family. Set sail to Mersing and be enchanted by the natural beauty of it. People treasure Mersing wonderful beaches such as the Pantai Air Papan. What draws tourists to Mersing is the scenic Islands off Mersing – Pulau Tioman, Pulau Rawa, Pulau Pemanggil, Pulau Aur, Pulau Tinggi and so on.  Mersing is the Gateway to dozens of beautiful Islands. Travelers travel to Pulau (Islands) for snorkeling, diving, sport fishing or simply relaxing by the white unspoilt beaches. This article unravel the means to go to Mersing from Singapore.

  •  For family trips with young children or group of friends who value privacy and do not mind to fork out more, chartered MPV TAXI and Tour VAN is the way to go.
  • For a tight budget, take Town Bus passage via Larkin Terminal before reaching your destination.
  • For individual, travel directly from Singapore with Express Bus but less privacy and to follow bus schedule.

A) Singapore to Mersing by MPV TAXI and Tour VAN

singapore to mersing taxi MPV Taxi and Van is one of the most sought after transport from Sg to Mersing. The main draw of MPV Taxi is the pick up direct from Hotel/homes, time flexibility and privacy (you have entire vehicle to yourself). Additional draw for MPV Taxi is that guests no need (yes no need) to alight at customs for immigration clearance. Simply drive through the immigration booth. However for Tour van, guests need to alight at customs.

Depending on your group and luggage size, you have a choice of 7 Seater MPV, 8 Seater MPV, 11 Seater MPV and 17 Seater Tour Van.

Duration:  One way journey from Sg to Mersing takes up to 4 hours. It is advisable to cater for 1 hour safety allowance and set the pick up time 5 hours before Ferry Departure Time.

7 Seater Taxi8 Seater Taxi11 Seater Taxi17 Seater Tour Van

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B) Singapore to Larkin Terminal; Larkin Terminal to Mersing by Town BUS

Singapore to Larkin Terminal

There are 3 bus providers to Larkin Terminal from Singapore which are SBS Transit, Causeway Link and Singapore-Johore ExpressSBS Transit 170 departs from Queen Street Terminal as early as 5.20am and the latest at 12.10am with service frequency of 11 to 17 minutes. Payment by EZ cash card is S$1.97 while by cash costs you S$2.50. If you are planning to stay in Singapore often, you might want to consider purchasing the EZ cash card for effortless travel within the country as it offers significantly cheaper fares compared to cash for the SBS Transit bus and the MRT transport services. The estimated travel time from Queen Street to Larkin Terminal is 1 hour and 45 minutes there are 66 stops throughout the trip. At the immigration and customs checkpoints, you have to alight the bus. After clearing your customs procedure, join the queue at the bus stop for the next available bus. Plan your journey ahead with SBS Transit at their official website here.

Another bus service provider to Larkin Terminal is Causeway Link. Three busses numbered CW1, CW2 and CW3 depart from Kranji MRT, Queen Street Terminal and Jurong East Interchange respectively. Bus CW1 starts off earliest at 4.30am daily with frequency of 15 to 30 minutes and ends the service at 11.30pm. The journey will cost you S$1.50. Bus CW2 begins the journey at 6am daily and ends at 11.45pm. The service frequency is 15 to 30 minutes. The fare from Queen Street Terminal to Larkin Terminal is S$3.30. The charge is noticeably higher compared to SBS Transit because bus CW2 has no stops along the way and it takes you directly to Larkin Terminal via Woodlands and JB CIQ immigration checkpoints. For bus CW3, from Jurong East Interchange, the bus will leave Singapore border via Tuas (second link). The first bus during weekdays is at 7.10am while during the weekends and public holiday is at 7.30am. Last bus departs Jurong East Interchange at 11.45pm daily. Maximum of S$4.00 will be charged for a single trip from Singapore to Larkin Terminal. Check your trip at Causeway Link website here! You can also hop into taxi at the Queen Street Terminal to take you to Larkin Terminal for S$12 per person or S$48 per taxi for more convenient ride.

Larkin Terminal to Mersing

Once you reach Larkin Terminal, there are 4 options of buses you could choose from. The reliable busses are Transnasional, S&S International, Maju Express and Causeway Link. All 4 busses are en route for Terminal Baru Mersing which is just 10 minutes walk to the Mersing Jetty. The trip to Mersing takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes to 2 and a half hour. Most morning ticket are sold out pretty fast so make sure to book or purchase your ticket a week earlier to ensure smooth sailing journey especially if you are planning to go to Tioman Island via Mersing Jetty. Enlighten yourself to the simplified bus schedule and fares at the table below.

Bus provider Morning Afternoon/Evening Night Fare
Transnasional 10.30am







11.59pm (N/A during weekend)

Adult – RM17.60

Child – RM14.30


S&S International





Adult – RM12.70

Child – RM9.50

Maju Express








Causeway Link 8.00am 12.45pm 6.45pm RM12.80


You may click on the name of bus provider to navigate to their respective website for ticket booking/purchasing.

C) Singapore to Mersing by Express Bus

For direct passage from Sg to Mersing, there are 2 ways you can decide on; taxi or bus. You can grab a taxi from Queen Street Terminal directly to Mersing for about S$220 per taxi per trip. Make sure to take the yellow Malaysia taxi for cross border transport to other than Larkin Terminal. Only the yellow Malaysia cabs are permitted to do so. The main advantage here is that you do not need to lug your stuff (or yourself) through Customs at both ends; you can just sit in the car. This service is available 24 hours a day.

If you opt for bus, choose between Starmart Express and Transnasional. Starmart Express drop-off point is at Mersing Jetty while Transnasional ends the journey at Mersing Bus Terminal. Starmart Express has only one departure time daily at 6.45am and departs from the Golden Mile Tower near Nicoll Highway MRT to Mersing at S$35.

Transnational pick-up point is at The Plaza (Beach Road). Transnational offers more flexible travel time as there are 4 departure times which are at 9.30am, 1.30pm. 7.30pm and the last bus leaves at 10pm. The fare is cheaper from Starmart Express; for adult it is S$33.90 while for child is S$26.90. Ticket for both bus operators can be purchased at Travel directly from Sg to Mersing will definitely costs you more but the great catch is it saves you a lot of time and energy.

Anyhow your mode of passage, may your adventure at Mersing clears your head from the busy city life and indulge yourself to the magnificent nature Mersing has to offer.

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