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Singapore to Legoland by Taxi

Singapore to Legoland by TaxiThere are several ways to Go Legoland from Singapore. Visitors could travel there by Limo Taxi, Charter Van, Charter Coach, public bus, public taxi or self-drive. Before booking a taxi first know about Legoland Malaysia Attractions. And the location has its own unique hotel. Limo Taxi is the more direct transport without the need to alight at the custom, save time and pick up from your doorstep but it is also the more costly options. The type of vehicles, pros and cons are explained in detail below.

A). Getting Singapore to Legoland Johor by Limo Taxi Service

how to go to legoland from singaporeLimo Taxi is popular among the tourist given the convenience of pick up from anywhere in Singapore direct to Legoland. Passengers do not need to alight at customs with their luggage. Just pass the passports to the driver for Drive Through. This mode of travel saves times, hassle-free and much more comfortable as compared to buses. Chauffeur MPV is especially suitable for family traveling with children and elderly.

With a choice of 7-Seater MPV Taxi, 8-Seater MPV Taxi and 11-Seater MPV Taxi , customers could select vehicle type best fits their family requirements.

Fare: Limo Taxi charges SGD100 for transport to Legoland from Singapore via 7-Seater MPV Toyota Innova. Customers get a larger capacity vehicle that sits 6 adults and 2 luggage. Besides, the MPV is more spacious and comfortable for the long journey to Legoland.

Trip Duration: 1.5 hours from pick up point.

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B). Singapore to Johor Bahru by Tour Van

Singapore to Legoland private carTour Van from Singapore to JB is another option to consider and is suited for a larger group size of 10 pax to 16 pax. The large cabin with higher seat capacity brings everyone together and fosters bonding along the journey. Tour van is popular for multi-generational families, company year end retreat or group of close friends coming together. The downside of Tour Van is that guests need to alight at customs for clearance.

Tour Van is popular for day tour to JB on hourly disposal of 10 or 12 hours where driver is on standby to bring guests to shop, eat and play. For day trip, there is no luggage to tug so alighting at custom is not much of a hassle.

17 Seater tour van sits 16 pax (max) without luggage. For guests with luggage, large row of seats could be folded side wards to free up storage space.

Fare: Rate for Charter starts from SGD210 for transport from Singapore to Johor Bahru via 17-Seater VAN Placer-X.

Trip Duration: 1.5 hours from pick up point.

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C). Getting from Singapore to Legoland by Public Bus

The cheapest way to reach Legoland from Singapore is by public bus. Only selected few companies are given the concession to operate the trans-boundary bus travel. All buses require you to get off twice – for the Singapore border point and its Malaysian counterpart. You have to take all your luggage and belonging with you for custom clearance.

Although transfer by public bus is affordable, the travel is far from straightforward. Bus hopping is unavoidable as there is no direct public transport from Singapore to Legoland. Furthermore passengers need to disembark at customs with their luggage.

Route 1 (by Causeway)

There are more bus services ferrying passengers across the Causeway as compared to Second Link.

Step 1: Bus from Singapore to JB CIQ Complex – Bus 170, 170X, 160 and CW1

If MRT train is convenient for you, take a North South MRT (Yellow) Line to Kranji MRT Station (NS7). After alighting from Kranji MRT station, cross the Woodland Road (by overhead bridge) to the bus-stop opposite MRT station. There are plenty of bus to choose and at short waiting time. You can board any of these buses – SBS170, SBS170X, SBS160 or CW1. It takes only 15 minutes from MRT station to Woodlands Customs.

[Bus 170 – First bus 5:20am-last bus 12:10am. Frequency: 10-15 mins] [Bus 170X – First bus 5:36am-last bus 11:30pm. Frequency: 2-10 mins] [Bus 160 – First bus 6:30am-last bus 12:00am. Frequency: 10-15 mins] [Bus CW1 – First bus 4:40am-last bus 11:00pm. Frequency: 15-30mins]

taxi from legoland to SingaporeAlight at the Woodlands custom with your luggage and belonging. After the custom, board the same bus number to resume the journey. Each bus has its own bus stop. Hang on to your ticket and show the driver your ticket purchased earlier to avoid paying for the fare again. Passengers need to alight second time at Johor Bahru Customs with the luggage and belonging for clearance.

Step 2: Bus from JB CIQ to Legoland – Bus LM1

After JB Customs, a short walk of 300 meters will bring you to JB Sentral in the heart of JB City. JB Sentral is also where the modern railway station is located.

Board bus service LM1 which bring you to Larkin Bus Terminal and Hello Kitty Town before reaching Legoland. The bus journey from JB Sentral to Legoland takes about 1 hour excluding waiting time. With bus interval more than 1 hour, you better time your trip well to avoid long waiting time.

[Bus LM1 – First bus 8:00am-last bus 6:30pm. Frequency: 60-90mins.]

Fare: One way trip from Singapore to Legoland Malaysia costs less than S$10 per person.

Trip Duration: about 3 hours from Orchard Road, Singapore.

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Route 2 (by Second Link)

Step 1: Bus from Singapore to Gelang Patah CIQ Complex – Bus CW3, CW4

Singapore to LegolandIf you are in Singapore central, get onto an East-West MRT (Green) line to Jurong East MRT station (NS1/EW24). Take a short walk to Jurong East Bus Interchange (next to MRT station) and hop onto bus CW3 or CW4 which bring you to Tuas Checkpoint. Alight at Singapore custom and immigration for clearance (passengers must remove their luggage) and retain their bus ticket and thereafter board the same bus number (CW3 passengers to take CW3 and CW4 to retake CW4) to continue your journey to Johor Custom and Immigration Complex (CIQ). Passengers are now entering Malaysia.

[Bus CW3 – First bus 7:30am-last bus 11:45pm. Frequency: 20 mins][Bus CW4 – First bus 7:30am-last bus 7:20pm. Frequency: 1-1.5 hours]

Step 2: Bus from Gelang Patah CIQ to Legoland – Bus JPO2

Passengers need to alight for second time at Johor CIQ 2nd Link. After custom clearance, board bus JPO2 or SL1 (operates on Sat/Sun/Singapore public holidays only). For a fare of less than RM5, the bus will bring you direct to Legoland in 15 minutes. Legoland is the first stop of the bus route. With the Legoland’s colorful landmark, you cannot possibly miss this stop.

[Bus JPO2 – First bus 8:30am-last bus 5:30pm. Frequency: 3 hours][Bus SL1 – First bus 9:00am-last bus 7:30pm. Frequency: 1.5 hours]

Fare: One way trip to Legoland Malaysia from Singapore costs less than S$10 per person.

Trip Duration: About 3 hours from Orchard Road, Singapore

Tips: Taking the ride by public bus route via Second Link is smoother (less traffic) but passengers must bear with long waiting time for bus service JPO2 and SL1. JPO2 frequency is every 3 hours and SL1 frequency every 1.5 hours. For individual travel without luggage, public bus is manageable if one is not rushing for time.

D). Getting from Singapore to Legoland by Public Taxi

singapore to legolandTo take the public taxi, you need to travel to Ban San Street Taxi Terminal (next to Queen’s Street Bus Terminal). Only licensed Malaysian (yellow) Taxi is allowed to pick up passengers from Ban San Street to any location in Johor. Age of vehicle aside, yellow taxi is a more direct option of travelling from Singapore to Legoland as passengers need not alight at customs.

Fare: Malaysian Yellow Taxi charges SGD70 onwards for a full car booking from Ban San Street (Singapore) to Legoland Malaysia and has a maximum capacity of 4 adults and 2-3 luggage.

Trip Duration: 1.5 hours from Ban San Street.

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