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Singapore to Johor Bahru by Taxi

Singapore to Johor BahruThere are several ways of Getting from Singapore to Johor Bahru (or simply JB) & visitors should cover some few places in JB. Visitors could travel there by Limo TAXI, Charter VAN, Public Bus, Public Taxi or self -drive.

Each mode of transport has its own advantages depending on your group size, time and budget.


How to Get from Singapore to Johor Bahru

A). Getting from Singapore to Johor Bahru by Limo Taxi Service

Limo Taxi is popular among the tourists because of

how to to singapore from JB

  • Direct pick up from customers’ door step to Johor Bahru.
  • Passengers do not need to alight at customs with their luggage. Passports are to be given to driver for driving through immigration and customs.
  • MPV Taxi travel saves times, is hassle free and much more comfortable compare to buses.
  • Best suited for family with children and elderly.

By paying slightly more, customers get to enjoy comfort and hassle free journey. With a choice of 7-Seater TAXI, 8-Seater TAXI and 11-Seater TAXI, customer could select vehicle size best fits their family requirements.

Fare: Limo charges SGD100 for transport from Singapore to JB via 7-Seater TAXI Toyota Innova. Innova is a large capacity vehicle that sits 6 adults and 2 luggage. Besides, the MPV is more spacious and comfortable for the long journey to Johor Bahru.

Trip Duration: 1.5 hours from pick up point.

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B). transport from singapore to jb by Tour Van

Singapore to JB taxi serviceTour Van from Singapore to JB is recommended for a group travel of 10 pax to 16 pax. Be it a family vacation, team bonding or religious retreat, charter van brings everyone together under ‘one roof’ and foster friendship during the journey. However similar to buses, passengers for Tour Van need to alight at customs for clearance.

Tour Van is popular for day tour on hourly disposal of 10 or 12 hours where driver is on standby to bring guests for JB Tour, shopping and enjoy local foods. On per pax basis, Tour Van is cheaper than MPV especially for full day rental.

Fare: Rate for Charter starts from SGD210 for transport from Singapore to JB via 17-Seater VAN Placer-X.

Trip Duration: 1.5 hours from pick up point.

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C). Getting from Singapore to JB by Public Bus

taxi to JB from WoodlandsJohor Bahru or JB as it is known is located just across the Causeway. Given the geographical location, it is much easier to travel via Causeway than by Second Link for Singapore to JB trips.

With 4 bus operators – Singapore Bus Services (SBS), SMRT, Singapore Johor Express (SJE) and Causeway Link (CW) operating bus services across the causeway, passengers are spoilt for choices.

Passengers have the option to board the bus from Bus interchanges or Kranji MRT station which is closer to the Woodlands Customs. Kranji MRT has large number of buses plying the causeway route. Two shuttle buses, CW1 and 170X ferry passengers at high frequency between Kranji MRT Station and Larkin Bus Terminal.

Route 1: Kranji MRT Station to JB Sentral: Bus 170, 170X, 160 and CW1

To get to Kranji MRT Station, take a North South MRT (Yellow) Line to Kranji MRT Station (NS7). After alighting from Kranji MRT station, cross the Woodland Road (by overhead bridge) to the bus-stop opposite MRT station. There are plenty of buses to choose from and at short waits. You can board any of these buses – SBS170, SBS170X, SBS160 or CW1. It takes only 10-15 minutes from MRT station to arrive at Woodlands Customs.

Route 2: Singapore Bus Terminals to JB Sentral: Bus 950, JSE, CW2 and CW5

Besides the popular Kranji MRT station, passengers can also take the JB bound buses from any terminal stations (see table Buses from Singapore to jb). When taking the bus from terminal, avoid service 160 and 170 as these two buses tend to stop and pick up passengers along the way and take long time to reach Woodlands.

singapore to johor bahru by taxi

Custom Clearance at Woodlands and Johor Bahru(CIQ).

Regardless the bus service, the procedure for custom clearance and re-boarding the bus after the customs are similar.

Once the bus alight at Woodlands Customs, disembark from the bus with your luggage and belonging for custom and immigration clearance. After the clearance, queue at the bus stop of the bus service you have taken (same number but not necessary same bus) to resume the journey. Each bus has its own bus stop. Hang on to your ticket and show the driver your ticket purchased earlier to avoid paying for the fare again. Passengers need to alight second time at Johor Bahru Customs with the luggage and belonging for Malaysian customs clearance.

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JB Sentral and JB CIQ Complex

If you plan to stay in JB, you don’t need to board the bus again after clearing Malaysia immigration. Just walk out of immigration for another 200 meters and you are in JB Sentral in the heart of the city. There is little point in going to Larkin bus terminal unless you plan on taking a bus out of JB to other Malaysian cities.

Singapore to johor bahruThe JB downtown area blends the scruffy with the modern: the claustrophobic alleys of the sprawling market are within a few paces of thoroughly contemporary shopping malls such as City Square.

From the JB Sentral Train station (KTM), you could also board KTM Express train up north to Malaysian cities of Seremban, Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, AlorSetar terminating at Hat Yai, Thailand.

JB Sentral to KSL Resort/ Holiday Plaza/Danga City Mall/Plaza Pelangi– Bus S1

Singapore to johor bahru

To go to KSL Resort, you need to board Bus S1 from JB Sentral (Bandaraya JB). Bus S1 is Shopping Bus running a loop to several major Shopping Centres– KSL Resort/Holiday Plaza/Danga City Mall and Plaza Pelangi. The journey from JBSentral to KSL Resort takes about 25 minutes.

[Bus S1: First Bus 8:50am-Last bus: 10:50pm; Frequency 20-45min]

JB Sentral to Plaza Angsana/Giant Tampoi/KipmartTampoi/Skudai Parade – BusJPO1

Singapore to johor bahru

Bus JPO1 fetches passengers from JB Sentral (Bandaraya JB) to Plaza Angsana and terminates at Johor Premium Outlet (JPO). The journey from JB Sentral to Plaza Angsana is about 20 minutes. As the bus frequency is every 2 hours, you need to time your journey well to avoid long waits.

[Bus JPO1: First Bus 9:00am – Last bus: 9:00pm; Frequency 2 hours]

D). Getting from Singapore to Johor Bahru by Public Taxi

JOHOR BAHRU to SINGAPORE TaxiTo take the public taxi, you need to travel to Ban San Street Taxi Terminal (next to Queen’s Street Bus Terminal). Only licensed Malaysian (yellow) Taxi is allowed to pick up passengers from Ban San Street to any location in Johor. Age of vehicle aside, yellow taxi is a more direct option of travelling from Singapore to Jb as passengers need not alight at customs.

Fare: Malaysian Yellow Taxi charges SGD70 onwards for a full car booking from Ban San Street (Singapore) to Johor Bahru and has a maximum capacity of 4 adults and 2-3 luggage.

Trip Duration: 1.5 hours from Ban San Street.

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