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Private Taxi from Singapore to Batu Pahat


Guide to getting from Sg to Batu Pahat (or BP). Visitors have option to travel to Batu Pahat by Limo TAXI, Charter VAN, Public Bus or self drive. The different modes of transportation are explored below.

A). Getting from Singapore to Batu Pahat by Limo Taxi Service

This is the most straightforward method of getting from Singapore. Limo Taxi is popular because of the conveniences:

Singapore to Batu Pahat

  • Pick up from customers’ door step any time of the day.
  • No not need to alight at customs with their luggage. Just pass the passports to driver fordriving through immigration and customs.
  • MPV Taxi saves times, provides more comfortableand privacy.
  • Well suited for family with children and elderly.

With a choice of 7-Seater TAXI, 8-Seater TAXI and 11-Seater TAXI, customer could decide on vehicle type that fits their family requirements.

Fare: Limo charges SGD270 for transport from Sg Getting from Sg to Batu Pahat byto Batu Pahat via 7-Seater TAXI Toyota Innova. MPV Taxi is more spacious and comfortable for the long journey (about 3 hours) to Batu Pahat.

Trip Duration: 3.5 hours from pick up point.

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Private Taxi from Singapore to Batu Pahat

Getting from Singapore to Batu Pahat by tour van is suited for travel size of 10 pax to 16 pax. Van is suited for a large family vacation, team bonding or religious retreat. Just like buses, passengers for Tour Van need to alight at customs for clearance.

Tour Van is popular for day tour on hourly disposal of 10 or 12 hours where driver is on standby to bring guests for City Tour, durian feast, shopping and enjoy local foods. On per person basis, Tour Van is cheaper than MPV for full day rental.

Fare: Rate for Charter starts from SGD210 for transport from Singapore to Batu Pahat via 17-Seater VAN Placer-X.

Trip Duration: 3.5 hours from pick up point.

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C). Getting from Singapore to Batu Pahat by Express Buses

bus to batu pahat from Singapore

LCB Tour provides daily direct bus trip from Singapore Resorts World Sentosa, all the way to McDonald Batu Pahat in front of Aeon Big Hypermarket. However, as LCB is focus on bringing passengers from the casino world, hence the timetables are mostly evening departures. I found this to be the easiest way getting to and fro Batu Pahat.


D). Getting from Larkin Station, JB to Batu Pahat by Express Buses

bus from batu pahat to singaporeOperated under the same management with LCB Tour is none other than the brand that manages a successful express bus network around West Malaysia – KKKL. KKKL provides another getway to Batu Pahat but one will have to get to Larkin Bus Terminal in Johor Bahru to take KKKL bus.

To get to Larkin Bus Terminal from Singapore, you can take SBS170 or Causeway Link CW1 from Kranji MRT station to the immigration checkpoints, where you will have to alight the bus. After clearing the immigration, hop back onto the bus and it will take you to the Larkin Bus Terminal.

Other express busses available from Larkin Bus Terminal to Batu Pahat are Causeway Link Express and S&S Express. Causeway Link is less flexible with the last departure at 8pm while S&S Express has departure to Batu Pahat up to 9pm. Either way, I will always recommend morning departures to make sure one makes it for a good breakfast, lunch and dinner in Batu Pahat.

E). Self Drive from Singapore to Batu Pahat

SG to batu Pahat by car
From Tuas checkpoint, continue onto Second Link Expressway (LINKEDUA) and follow the sign of Melaka or Kuala Lumpur. Of course, we are not going as far as Melaka but it is an easy way to recognise you are indeed going north. You will exit upon signboard Ayer Hitam/Kluang/Batu Pahat or Exit 244. Turn left after the toll into Jalan Batu Pahat and the keyword now is “Go along the road”. You will pass by Universiti Tun Hussein Onn on your right which means you are in Parit Raja area. Continue on until you come across Pacific Mall on right, indicating that you have now reached Batu Pahat.

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