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Singapore to JB Sentral and City Square

singapore to jb city squareGetting from Singapore to JB Sentral and City Square is relatively straightforward since they are located right after the Malaysia customs. Taxi, Van and Bus are viable options and is shared below.

A). Private Taxi from Singapore to City Square and JB Sentral

singapore to jb sentral limo_serviceTaxi is the most convenient mode of transport to get to JB Sentral and City Square. The key benefits of hiring private Taxi from Singapore are

  • Pick up from Customer door step be it Hotel, home or airport.
  • On arrival at custom, no need to alight with luggage
  • Direct point to point travel. Guest stay in air-conditioned cabin throughout the journey.
  • This mode is recommended for family travelling wiht children and elderly.

Johor Transport offers 3 vehicles options to choose from; 7, 8 and 11 seater MVP Taxi.  Please check on the vehicles capacity – number of pax and luggage compartment by clicking on the buttons.

Cost and Time of Travel

One way ride from Sg to JB Sentral/City Square cost from SGD100 onwards for 7 Seater MPV.  Total travel time from Singapore to City Square /JB Sentral is about 1.5 hours.

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B). Tour Van from Singapore to City Square

singapore to jb city squareTour Van is recommended for group tour size of more than 10 Pax and they are so closely knitted to insist to travel together in one Vehicle. Tour Van is Similar to Private Taxi in the sense of any pick up point in Singapore.  However it is important to note that for Tour Van, guest needs to alight at customs.

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C). Public Bus From Singapore to JB Sentral

busPublic Buses from Singapore

  • Singapore Bus Services (SBS) – 170, 170X, 160
  • SMRT – 950
  • Singapore Johor Express
  • Causeway Link (CW) – CW1, CW2, CW5

Route 1: Kranji MRT Station to JB Sentral: Bus 170, 170X, 160 and CW1

  • Take the North South MRT (Red) Line to Kranji MRT (NS7).
  • Board any of these buses: 170, 170X, 160 or CW1
  • Takes about 10 to 15 minutes from Kranji MRT Station to Woodlands Checkpoint.

Route 2: Singapore Bus Terminals to JB Sentral: 950, JSE, CW2 and CW5

  • Take any JB bound buses from any of the terminal stations listed in the table.
  • Avoid 160 and 170 as these buses tend to stop and pick up passengers along the way, so it will take a long time to reach Woodlands Checkpoint.
Bus ServiceSingapore Terminal StationJohor Bahru Terminal StationFirst BusLast BusFrequency
160Jurong East InterchangeJB Sentral5.30am12.00am6-20 minutes
170Queen Street Bus TerminalJB Sentral5.20am12.10am6-14 minutes
170xKranji MRT StationJB Sentral5.36am11.30pm2-15 minutes
950Woodlands InterchangeJB Sentral5.30am11.30pm9-14 minutes
Singapore Johor ExpressQueen Street Bus TerminalJB Sentral6.10am10.30pm10 minutes
CW1Kranji MRT StationJB Sentral4.30am11.30pm15-30 minutes
CW2Queen Street Bus TerminalJB Sentral6.00am11.45pm15-30 minutes
CW5Newton CircusJB Sentral6.00am11.30am15-30 minutes

Buses from Singapore to Johor Bahru

Customs Clearance at Woodlands Checkpoint and Johor Bahru Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Complex (CIQ)

  • The steps for custom clearance and re-boarding the bus are the same.
  • Hang on to your bus ticket.
  • Once the bus alight at Woodlands Checkpoint, disembark from the bus with your luggage and belongings for custom and immigration clearance.
  • After the clearance, queue at the bus-stop of the bus service you have taken to resume the journey.
  • Show the driver your bus ticket to avoid paying the fare again and alight to Johor Bahru CIQ.
  • Disembark from the bus with your luggage and belongings at Johor Bahru CIQ for custom and immigration clearance.

Walk out of the Johor Bahru CIQ for another 200 meters and you will reach JB Sentral.

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