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Johor Transport

At JohorTransport, we value and believe in “Service Quality”. We strive to serve our guest to meet or exceed their expectations.  Terms and Conditions of booking is set out in the paragraph below.

1. Reservation Procedure

Reservation is to be made through contacting our customer representatives. (Email/Call/Text)

Select pickup point, date and time from the list available.

We accept Paypal, Credit Cards and Bank Transfers.

TIcket will be issued upon confirmation of payment.

2. Fare Policy

– All fares quoted are in SGD dollar

– Each ticket is entitled to 1 passenger, 1 seat and 1 hand carry bag

– Trip is from stated pickup point to stated dropoff point

– Price is all inclusive

– No stopver/pickup/dropoff along the way, unless specified on ticket

– Passengers will not have to alight at customs for immigration clearance

3. Terms of Service

– This service only serves passengers, not for usage of transporting goods

– We reserve to the right to discontinue the service without any refund if there is any misconduct and misuse of the service.

– Seating position is on a first come first serve basis, unless you have booked a specified seat in advance.

– JohorTransport will be the decider in providing the suitable vehicle model for each trip.

– For consideration of other passengers, please do not bring/consume strong smelling food onboard the vehicle.

– Passengers are advised to check belongings against border authorities (Singapore and Malaysia) to ensure they do not violate any restricted items.

4. Additional add-on Fees

– For baggage exceeding the stated ticket limit, a minimum fee of $10 will be levied.

– Customers who would like to book an enclusive seating arrangement can do so at an additional $5, simply let our staff know your preference.

5. Refund Policy

– All tickets bought are not eligible for refund/reschedule

– JohorTransport is the sole distributor of the ride tickets, no reselling is allowed

– Tickets cannot be exchanged for goods and services not intended for its purpose

6. post-purchase

– Before leaving, double check your belongings, valuables and passport (ensure validity and apply for VISA if needed). Bring along your ticket for the trip

– Be punctual for your pickup, for the consideration of other passengers. Driver will leave on time.

– Let the driver know of any discomforts, he will assist you if it is within his limits.

– After you have alighted the vehicle and realised you have left your belongings in it, please contact our customer representative. They will assist you with recovery.

7. Disclaimer

By engaging the company for transport services, passengers accept that the Company is not liable for any personal injury, death or damage to property during the course of journey.  Company is also not held responsible for any losses due to mechanical breakdown, acts of god or other causes that is not within the control of the company.

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The Benefits of Hiring Us

  • Pick up from DOOR STEP, any location in Singapore
  • Experienced drivers with local knowledge
  • SMOKE-FREE cabin
  • CUSTOMER oriented service
  • Best and competitive RATE
  • FLAT RATE inclusive of ERP, toll
  • SATISFACTION guaranteed