Did you know that Johor have the two of the most distant islands in peninsula Malaysia? One of it is the magnificent diving paradise called Pulau Aur. The 3 hour boat ride proved to be worthwhile as it promises beautiful panoramic views and a village ambience.

The island is also top with big boulders of rocks and faunas that is growing luxuriantly. Making it one of the ideal place for people to reconnect with nature and finds peace and zen.

On the other hand, the island got its reputation because of its magnificent diving sites. The underwater world that surrounds the island is what kept divers and tourist visiting it without getting bored. So, lets take a dive in the beauty of the underwater world of Pulau Aur, shall we!

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Diving & Snorkeling in Pulau Aur

Pulau Aur is situated approximately 76km east from the Mersing Town. Because of its remoteness, this island is surrounded with crystal blue water of the South China Sea. That is to say, the underwater world is under the protection of the Johor Marine Park. Which is to protect and ensure the survival of the diverse sea life found in the waters of Pulau Aur. Thus, it has became a crucial part of the marine life and also a fantastic and precious diving site.

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Moreover, divers from corners of the world have come to visit and witness the diverse species that lives among the beautiful and vibrant coral reefs. You can find various types of flamboyant fish such as napoleon wrasse, yellowback fusiliers  and angelfish. Most tourist would dive in to witness the breathtaking frenzy of whitetip sharks and also the remarkable turtles! If you dive in the afternoon, you can even find some majestic manta rays taking over the shallows! Where else can you find a spot to dive and swim with the manta rays?

For a newbie, the diving scene would be a bit much to handle. But, you can always start with snorkeling! Snorkeling is just as fun as diving but with less pressure. You can stroll around the surface of the sea while observing the aquatic life. And for those who are not a good swimmer, fret not as snorkeling requires you to wear a floating jacket. So there are many ways for you to enjoy the underwater scenery. No more excuses!

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All things considered, Pulau Aur is one of the best paradise in Malaysia for divers and tourists to take a dip and explore the underwater aquatic world. A chance you would not want to miss!


Other activities in Pulau Aur

Jungle Trekking

Pulau Aur also promotes other activities than diving and snorkeling. For instance, you can go island hopping to the neighboring islands around Pulau Aur. Did you know that the adjoining islands are apart of the Aur Island Group including the Pulau Aur itself? The other islands are Pulau Dayang, Pulau Lang and Pulau Pinang and the three of these smaller islands surrounds Pulau Aur to create the aforementioned group.

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The second most famed island besides Pulau Aur is Pulau Dayang. Most tourist would go island hopping to Pulau Dayang for its diving sites and also for a challenging jungle trekking. Pulau Dayang is a small rocky island located north of Pulau Aur. Because of the rocky nature of the island, the jungle trekking track is quite challenging. However, do not worry yourself as they have skillful guides that will guide you throughout the journey.

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Along the track you might find some obstacles that may require some of your courage. As such, there is a part of the track where you will have to climb up a very steep rocky hill. And the best part is, there is only one rope for you to clench on! So, we would like to remind you to wear the right gears and outfit for this activity to avoid any injuries. Once you have reach the top, we promise you all those efforts is worth it.

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Furthermore, if you are looking other tracks that you can take on with less effort, you can find it on Pulau Aur itself! The simple track will lead you to a small town called Teluk Belanga. They have a few facilities for the villagers such as police station, primary school and also clinic. There are also more villages in Teluk Belanga where you can feel the peaceful atmosphere of  the villages. Although the track is not as challenging as in Pulau Dayang, it has its own perks. Such as, it is a good way for you to reconnect with mother nature and also recharge your spiritual energy.

Sunset viewing

What is the most common thing to do at a glorious beach? Watching sunsets, of course! You would not want to miss this heavenly Instagram-able view of the golden sun shimmering down on the calm waters of Pulau Aur.

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This memorable view is the perfect activity if you want to find something romantic for you and your better half to enjoy. You can take a stroll at the beach or find an ideal spot to just chill and hangout. And it is also the best way to end the activities of the day!


Where to stay in Pulau Aur?

Sekubang Bay Resort

The Sekubang Bay Resort is located in the Teluk Sekubang Village. One of the best thing about this resort is their friendly resort’s staffs. A warm hospitality from the staffs is what makes your trip somewhat valuable! Unlike most resort’s staffs, the staffs in this resort are just like local villagers – down-to-earth, friendly and wears simple attires with no uniforms!

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For the facilities, they provide 12 units of chalets for 4-5 people per chalet. If you’re bringing bigger numbers, they even have the long house which if perfect for a maximum of 6 people.

Contact: +6019 – 739 1284 / +6017 – 674 6586 (Rumiza), +6019 – 730 0815 (Rumizi), +6019 – 739 6698 (Ruhil)
Email: sebukangbayresort@yahoo.com.my


Bluewaters Holiday Resort

Owned by the popular Bluewaters Ferry in Mersing, it is located near the island’s jetty. Which is easy for visitors and tourists to come and relax after the 2 hours boat trip. The resort has a few packages that you can choose from to make your stay in Pulau Aur easier and managed! The package will cover the activities, meals and boat transport throughout you stay.

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You can choose from twin room, quad room and quad sharing room to stay in. Whats more, the rooms are complete with air-conditioner  to make your stay more comfortable!


How to get to Pulau Aur?

Pulau Aur is situated in the Mersing District in Johor. You can either take the scheduled ferry or the speed boats services. Both ways can be obtain from the Mersing Jetty.

How to get to Mersing Jetty?

There are multiple ways for you to get to the Mersing Jetty. First, you drive by yourself with requires you to take the Laluan Persekutuan 3/AH18 which takes about 2 hours.

Second way is by bus coach which is a bit relaxing. You can take buses from the Golden Mile Complex if you are in Singapore.

Third is by hiring a private car from jp.johortransport.com which would make your traveling easier and safer! With plenty of cars that you can choose and all of it are luxurious and comfortable.