Kluang Attractions: Most people would only think that Johor Bahru is the only place with exciting attractions in Johor. However, there is actually more interesting places to visit in Johor than just its capital city.

One of the best place to visit when you are in Johor is the Kulai District. Although it is not as famous as Johor Bahru, Kulai is a fascinating city with its miraculously diverse cultures and history.

If you want to find remarkable foods, shopping malls or exquisite architectural scenes but outside Johor Bahru, Kulai is the exact place for you. Kluang Holiday Trip is more of fun.

So, here is our top 10 places that you should visit in Kulai! Tight schedule? You can visit them all in just one day! and cover all kluang attractions. Explore kluang with the help of our blog.

Kulai One Day Trip

1. Kelapa Sawit

Do not let the name fool you! It is actually an interesting small village in Kulai which offers good foods and stunning wall murals.

The name “Kelapa Sawit” or Palm Oil in English, is because of the villagers history on palm oil plantations and one of the most popular kluang attractions. The village became one of Kulai’s best spot because of the wall murals that was scattered across the village. These murals was first started by their local art enthusiast for the National Day celebration in Johor.

Kluang Attractions
Credit: thedeadcockroach.blogspot.com

The art movement led by the local art enthusiast was by launching the “Let’s Art at Sawit” campaign. In the beginning, the campaign was joined by painters only. But, the result of it sparks an interest among the locals who later, volunteered to join and brighten up their village with murals.

Credit: thedeadcockroach.blogspot.com

On the other hand, Kelapa Sawit is also filled with delicious foods such as countless of traditional Hakka delicacies, rice noodles and Laksa Johor.

Location: Kelapa Sawit, 81000 Kulai, Johor

2. 5D Art Studio

Want more fun besides 2D murals? Head out to the 5D Art Studio! The studio offers you not 2D, not 3D but 5D experience! The studio generates the 5D effect by covering a plain surface or backdrops with paintings. These surreal paintings create an optical illusion by using points of perspective and different angle of views.

Credit: bpdgtravels.blogspot.com

Moreover, you can find more than 30 captivating 5D paintings inside the studio. Thus, the studio is favorable place for those of you who needs more memorable photos in their social media. So, dont forget to charge your cameras and smart phones before coming here! and one of the most preferred popular kluang attractions.

Credit: my.travelsifu.com

Location: 421-A, Jalan Kenanga 29/10, Bandar Indahpura, 81000 Kulai, Johor
Contact: 016-201 7628

3. Upside Down Warm House

The Upside Down Warm is where your imagination will flipped over, literally! It follows the concept of a normal house with living rooms, dining rooms bedrooms and kitchen. But, the interesting thing about it is everything in it is over your head!

Credit: myfave.com

You need to sharpen your imagination in finding the best pose for your photos here. Like the 5D experience, you also need to find the best angle to produce a great upside down effects. It is also one of the most popular kluang attractions.

Credit: bpdgtravels.blogspot.com

The Upside Down Warm House occupies all 3 levels of a shop house. So, remember to charge your camera’s or phone batteries because you may spend hours in there.

Furthermore, please remember that all visitors are required to bring a pair of socks upon entering the premises. But if you forgot, you may purchase them there for only RM2 a pair!

Location: 5019, Jalan Kenari 7, Bandar Putra, 81000 Kulai, Johor
Contact: 07-599 5019

4. Hua Guo Shan Temple

Ever heard of the legendary Monkey God, Sun Wukong? This temple was built in honor of the Monkey God. In the legends, it is said that Sun Wukong was crowned as the Monkey King of Hua Guo Shan, which is where the temple got its name. Besides the Monkey God, the temple is also the house to various other deities and also Thailand Buddha! Most famous kluang attractions.

Hua Guo Shan temple is quite famous because of its beautiful landscape and views. Many photographers, amateurs or professional would come here to capture the natural and scenic landscape of the temple. However, some pilgrims would come here just to ask for luck in winning lotteries.

Credit: bpdgtravels.blogspot.com

Plus, you can find many animals that were taken care of in the temple such as fishes and tortoise. But, the most popular animal here is non other than monkeys! As the temple is for the Monkey God, you can find many monkeys taking shelter here.

You can even give them some foods or buy some peanuts at the temple’s shop. The monkeys may appear tame but it can be very hostile, even if you’re just taking pictures of it. Thus, always be alert and aware of them.

There is also a coffee shop besides the temple. Most of the visitors would go there to get refreshments and rest after a long and tiring day of sight seeing and playing with monkeys.

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Location: Kampung Baru Sedenak, 81000 Kulai, Johor
Contact: 017-825 9332

5. Putuo Village

Putuo village is suitable for those of you who seeks a place of zen and peace. Although it is actually a Buddhist temple, Putuo village is one of Kulai’s hidden gems. The architecture of the temple is what creates the peaceful sense of the place. Putuo village was designed to blend and incorporate nature into the traditional architecture of the temple.

Credit: jacefootprints.blogspot.com

Additionally, you would also feel refresh through out the journey to the temple as it is surrounded with greenery. Far from the busy and bustling city, this temple is a good place for you to recharge your spiritual and mental energy.

Credit: jacefootprints.blogspot.com

Besides  sight seeing, you can also make a wish by purchasing a ribbon. You will have to write down your wish onto the ribbon and toss it up a tree. It is believe if your ribbon is successfully hang on to the tree, God will bless you and grant your wish.

There is also a food hall for those who is hungry during the visit. They served vegetarian foods and steamboats as a meal. Although the steamboat price would vary based on the sets. Other than the food hall, there is also a small hut where they will serve you Chinese tea and it is free of charge!

Location:  1488, Jalan Kampung Felda Taib Andak, Off Jalan Kota Tinggi., Felda Taib Andak, 81000 Kulai, Johor
Contact: 011-2200 1818

6. Star Fish Leisure Farm

Are you a fan of fishes or nature? Want more place for you to rest from the busy and stressful city? Star Fish Leisure Farm is the perfect place for you!

Do not let the name of the place fools you. Star Fish Leisure Farm is more than just a normal fish farm. The place is fully equipt with enjoyable activites, relaxing facilities and comfortable accommodation. In short, it is the most suitable place for everyone to feel and interact with nature.

Credit: jelajahmaya.com

10 out of 15 acres of land has been transformed by the owner, Mr. Song into this spacious and green Leisure Farm. The facilities provided are such as water obstacle challenge, floating boat, fishing ponds, kayaking and various other animals!

Credit: automachi.com

Plus, they have various packages to choose from. They even have various accommodation for those who wants  to stay there longer. They have dormitory, kampung chalet and also floating chalet.

Location: Lot 2168, Senai-Kulai, 81000 Kulai, Johor
Contact: 016-7782208

7. Mount Pulai

Come to Mount Pulai if you feel like you want to go jungle trekking or hiking. Mount Pulai, or Gunung Pulai is the nearest mountain to Singapore. With the height of 600m above sea level, you can scale its peak in less than half a day. The mountain has 2 trails, Jungle trail and road trail, for you to choose to get to the peak.

Credit: khairimohd.blogspot.com

In addition, if you just want to relax without breaking a sweat, Mount Pulai has a beautiful river with clear water for you to jump in and swim. There is also some barbecue spots along the river if you want to have a barbecue party. If you follow the jungle trekking trail, you may even find a marvelous waterfall that is connected to the river.

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Credit: walkwalk.github.io
Location:  No.9A, Jalan sekolah Kampung Sri Gunung Pulai, 81000, Johor
8. Johor Premium Outlets (JPO)

Did you know that Kulai also has Southeast Asia’s first premium outlet? As the first of its kind, Johor Premium Outlets have the best and luxurious brands with the total of 130 outlets. For example, they have Polo Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors and Coach. Furthermore, these brands have the best deals up to 65% to 70%!

Credit: cavinteo.blogspot.com

The design of the building itself is unique. It was designed to be like an outdoor shopping mall with various of open areas.

Credit: cavinteo.blogspot.com
Location: Jalan Premium Outlets Indahpura, 81000 Kulai, Johor
Contact: +607 661 8888 / +607 661 8810 (Fax)
Parking Fee: RM3

9. Stage Container Park

Want to find a hipster place to go to in Kulai? Stage Container Park is the right place for you!

Stage Container Park is a type of flea market but instead of using normal stalls or canopy, they use trailer’s container as their shops. The containers were stacked and arrange according to the layouts. Then, they were decorated and modified to become stalls and outlets.

Credit: isabellalovelybird.blogspot.com

The park is occupied with more than 60 kinds of food stalls, local brands and entertainment. Overall, it is a good place for you to relax and chill with your friends and family.

Credit: tripadvisor.com
Location:  499-518, Jalan Kenanga 29/15, Bandar Indahpura, 81000 Kulai, Johor
Contact: 017-710 3680

10. Genting Indahpura Sports City

Last but not least, Genting Indahpura Sports City is a sanctuary for sports fanatics. With high grade facilities and multiples of sports activities, making it the best place to release some sweat.

This sports city is like a Pandora Box which has so many sports that you can play such as badminton, futsal, rock climbing, snookers, golf and even paintball! It is a great place for you to exercise and have fun with your family and friends.

Credit: www.facebook.com/GentingIndahpuraSportsCity/

Credit: www.facebook.com/GentingIndahpuraSportsCity/
Location: PTD. 46975-80, Jalan Persiaran Indahpura 2, Taman Indahpura, Kulaijaya, Kulai
Contact: 012-229 9866