Beach Resorts in Johor

Have you ever wished you could make a trip out of the city and head to a beach not too far away? Island trips usually require hours of traveling and sometimes not quite suitable for short weekend trips. There is, however, a hidden gem in the state of Johor that many have not thought to venture to. If you seek some sea, sand and sun over the weekend, why not head to these Johor Beach Resorts?
Take the north-south expressway from Johor Bahru City Centre which will lead you to the Senai-Desaru highway. There are signs all the way that will lead you to Desaru. Once you see the signboard below, follow the direction of your desired destination.
Johor Beach Resorts
Two areas that are highly recommended are Tanjung Balau and Desaru. Both are situated in the small town of Bandar Penawar.

Tanjung Balau

Different people seek different things by visiting the beach. Some seek fun and adventure, while some seek a picturesque view followed by a quiet surrounding to enjoy their favorite book. Tanjung Balau offers the perfect quiet getaway. Not many know of the beach here so it is less crowded. The waters seem clearer than Desaru, but the beach can get very rocky so it may only be suitable for a splash but not for swimming.
Tanjung Balau is a village area where residents mostly live in wooden houses. There are a number of chalets run by the locals there for backpackers who need a place to spend the night. Those chalets are not listed online and can only be booked if you know the owners or happen to come across them while visiting Tanjung Balau. However, do not expect much from these chalets except for the basic amenities like a water heater. Some do not even have to air-condition as most backpackers only require the basic bed and water supply for a night’s stay.

1. Tanjung Balau Beach Resort

Bayu Balau Beach Resort(Hotel)used to be a family-run chalet and it was recently renovated and refurbished into this resort. This resort is more suited for group stays as there aren’t many activities to do within the resort. For larger groups, the resort can arrange for team building games. Barbecue dinners are also available upon request. Alternatively, you may rent a barbecue pit for RM80, to be enjoyed with your friends and family during your stay there.
The swimming pool is large but slightly crowded as it is open to the public at a fee of RM10. Therefore you will find many teens and families who are just there for a swim on weekends and holidays. Room rates are separated into chalets and dormitories as shown below :
TanjungBalau Beach Resort bookings
If you enjoy quiet sunsets by the beach, with minimal noise, Tanjung Balau Beach Resort is a good place to enjoy some quiet time. Apart from that, the views you can capture with your camera are amazingly beautiful. This could be a good place for some Instagram worthy shots too! If you’re not quite sure about spending the night here, even a day trip would suffice for all the beauty of nature that you will be able to capture with your camera lens.
TanjungBalau Beach Resort (1)

2. Lotus Desaru Beach Resort

Lotus Desaru Beach Resort
For those who prefer some fun at the beach, Desaru is a more suitable place for some running around and a great swim. It is also more family-friendly as the resort accommodation and facilities are catered for families with children. As you turn into Desaru at the roundabout you will notice a stretch of resorts along your way. Take note that most of the resorts are quite old thus the facilities and cleanliness may not be of 5-star level. One of the more popular resorts is the Lotus Desaru Beach Resort. This resort is by far the most popular because of the many activities available within the resort.
Lotus Desaru Beach Resort (2)
Kids can take a swim at the pool while parents watch from the sides. The pool is very well maintained and strictly for the use of hotel guests only.
The resort also prepares lounge chairs like right at the beach so that guests can lounge around after their swim, or lay down with their favorite book in hand while enjoying the sounds of waves.
If you are a person who loves water sports, try parasailing. If you’re not afraid of heights, parasailing takes you up to an amazing view of the area as you glide across the sky.
retail shop
If you forget any necessities, fret not. There is a convenience store within the resort where you can get almost anything including snacks and instant noodles. There are even souvenirs available for guests who wish to bring home a momento.
swimming needs
This is the shop that caters to all your swimming needs, from floats to water guns, you can find everything you need for some fun at the beach.
fun fair
If the children start to get bored of the water, there is also an outdoor arcade within the resort where kids can enjoy rounds of games.
The adults, on the other hand can enjoy some tempting cocktails and beer at the beach bar. The Beach Hut is located right in front of the beach so you can even enjoy a glass of drink while watching the sunset. Such are the pleasures of life!
The resort offers a variety of delicacies at the restaurant. However, when the resort is crowded, waiting for a table can be an issue. If you like trying out new places, why not take a drive to a nearby town instead for some delicious seafood?
beach hut
The beach needs no description nor invitation. Just the beauty and calmness of being close to nature always brings people back. Any stressful day can quickly simmer down as long as you are at the beach. So, if you need a breather, why not go somewhere not so far away but far enough to escape the realities of life for a while?

Seafood Town of Pengerang

Seafood Town of Pengerang.

1. About Super Lobster Pengerang

Super Lobster Restaurant is located in the town of Pengerang, about 25 minutes’ drive from the resort. The road may be windy but the drive is worth it. There are a few restaurants serving seafood within the vicinity of Pengerang, but Super Lobster Restaurant offers the freshest seafood at reasonable prices. Be sure to try out their salted egg crab!
supper lobster restaurant
If you are travelling in big groups, it is best to call for a reservation as the restaurant is usually packed during holidays.

3. Desaru Public Beach

public desaru beach
Along the stretch of resorts at Desaru, you will also find a path leading to the Desaru public beach. Most people fear the sound of public beaches because almost always, cleanliness is an issue. However the public beach at Desaru has proven otherwise! Over the years there have been campaigns organized to clean up the beaches along Desaru and these campaigns have yielded pretty amazing results. The public beach is perfect for picnics and kite flying.
You will need to pay a small fee of RM2 to park in the designated carpark. Make sure to arrive early as the beach can get crowded during weekends and public holidays. The best spots are always under a shady tree so you can come back to rest on the shores without getting over-baked by the sun.
Desaru Public Beach kite flying
There are many vendors selling kites along the beach. Why not try to fly one if the wind is strong enough on a particular day? The satisfaction you get seeing your kite rise high above is priceless.beach beuty
The beach needs no description nor invitation. Just the beauty and calmness of being close to nature always brings people back. Any stressful day can quickly simmer down as long as you are at the beach. So, if you need a breather, why not go somewhere not so far away but far enough to escape the realities of life for a while?

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