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Places to Visit in Johor Bahru

Places to Visit in Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru: A Place of Great History and Heritage

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Johor Bahru or simply “JB”, is Johor State’s capital city. It is one of the key locations in Malaysia because of its importance in commerce, tourism and industrialization. It is also the second most populous and second largest metropolitan area in the country.

JB has undergone major changes since its foundation in 1855 by Temenggong Daeng Ibrahim. Despite these changes, efforts have been done to preserve the city’s historical and heritage sites that up until now, these sites are intact and now serve as attractions. Be charmed by this city’s pleasant mix of heritage and modernity!
Johor Bahru is home to numerous parks, temples, clubs, museums and even shopping centers making it an excellent tourist destination to visit in Malaysia. In JB, you’ll never run out of places to visit and fun activities to do! Its night spots are plenty and lively, that it is not uncommon to see many Singaporeans crossover for the night entertainment. However, transport to Johor Bahru is at times unpredictable due to the occasional traffic congestion along the causeway. So if you’re planning a vacation to Johor Bahru, never miss the following destinations:

    1. A Great Day at Danga Bay!

Danga Bay Theme Park
Danga Bay (also known as Teluk Danga in the Malay language), is a waterfront park and the largest one in Johor Bahru Town. Its shoreline stretches 25 km long which features various mini parks, condominiums, buildings, shops and restaurants. You’ll never get tired of walking, shopping and sightseeing around here especially in having a nice and refreshing view of the ocean!

    2.Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque: Closer to the One Above

 Sultan abu bakar state mosque
Strategically located at the top of a hill thus giving that feeling of being closer to the Most Powerful One Above, Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque is a splendid sight to behold! It can accommodate around 2000 devotees at a time and features a lovely mix of Victorian and Islamic architecture. From the hill, you’ll be able to see the Tebrau Straits too!

    3.A Grandiose Time at Istana Besar

istana besar johor
Have a peek at Johor’s history by visiting Istana Besar. This ancient place was once a royal palace which showcases a splendid architecture inspired by Anglo-Islam. You’ll also love the Royal Abu Bakar Museum which features various heirlooms, artifacts and memoirs from the past. It would be an excellent place to visit!

    4.Adventures in the Wild at Johor Zoo

Treat your kids with an adventurous and educational trip at Johor Zoo! The zoo features around 100 diferent species of animals. Increase their knowledge by teaching your kids about animals while letting them enjoy!

Here, is our plan how to spend an entire day in Johor Bahru.

Getting There

With its close distance from Singapore, Johor Bahru is easily accessible to anybody. There are various modes of public and private transport to Johor Bahru, the most common of which are the bus, taxi and private transport. KTM Train is also another mode of transport but is less used for cross-straits transfer because of its low frequency and inconvenience.

Getting around and touring the town is best guided by someone with local knowledge. JohorTransport offers numerous transport options to Johor Bahru, to best suit your every need.

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