Johor Bahru Haunted and Spooky Places

The legends are true! In fact, ghosts are real or so they say. Whether you’re a believer or otherwise, can you deny a trip to the supernatural realm enclosed in the wonderful Johor? Imagine the haunted mansions, hotels and the scary forest that lies deep within the woods. The question is whether you’re the curious kind who’d peek through the shadows to see who’s following you? Without further ado, let’s explore the Johor Bahru Haunted places!

#1 The Villa Nabila Bungalow

The spooky-looking entrance to Villa Nabila.


Expedia claims this to be one of the most frightening locations in Malaysia. As a tourist, you may wonder why is that? Well, it has all the makings of a horror flick. Let’s see, a haunted house on a hill, a 40 year old history, many versions to a killing occurring to a Caucasian family and superstitious practices among local visitors.

What more can you ask for? An attractive package for the horror genre, it’s no wonder many directors sought this villa for a feature horror film. If you’re a fan of mysteries and the supernatural, this may provide an interesting encounter for the average enthusiast. Just remember to go with someone or the local guard if any to ensure you’re safe.

Address: Jalan Bertingkat Skudai, Straits View, 80200 Johor Bahru, Johor

Contact: 084-590 414


#2 Johor Bahru Prison

Johor Bahru Prison #3 - johor bahru, Johor


Of course, no horror pieces go without the iconic prisons and their bloody history of the past. This one used to and still does perform punishments and sentences to many rogued out prisoners that includes sufferings and various torture methods to discipline them. From the outside, it may seem like a decent structure.

But when you seek what’s on the inside, prepare to be thick skin for those jailed may not be as friendly as you think. A tough place to survive especially with bad memories and poisonous characters staying in house that breathes an eerie feeling.

Address: Jalan Ayer Molek, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia


#3 Bigfoot In The Forest

A mystery is afoot: The hundreds of strange, large footprints all over a tarred road near the Endau Rompin forest reserve in Johor Baru.


Any bigfoot or planet of the apes fans out there? We got some news for you. Yes, there are bizarre footprints larger than the average human footprints right nearby the Endau Rompin National Park. Creatures do exist apparently in Johor. A menacing sight if stared upon by anyone especially among campers or jungle trekkers looking to make their mark here. Well, it’s nothing like making new friends, right?

The creepy part involves having these footprints accompanied by footprints of other animals such as elephants and tigers. And now, we’re as curious as you folks. How did that came to be? Any thoughts? Or you prefer calling the Men in Black for this? They’re pretty good investigators. One amusing animal kingdom for all of us to discover and feel. We might as well bring some food supplies or water in case they’re thirsty.

Make no mistake that the wildlife here in Johor is filled with animals of over 100 species.  So, whose in for a share of the jungle exploit?

Address: Taman Negara Rompin Peta, Mersing, Endau, Johor

Contact: +60 7-922 2875




The folklore of whether ghosts are real or not will go on forever. Nevertheless, how often can one brave through these mysterious bungalows, hotels and forests of Johor and tell the tale? A challenge it may be or a fascination you wish to satisfy by bringing along your friends and family for a ride filled with Halloween themed adventures.

Just another chilling episode in the diary of Johor’s Haunting Affairs!