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Desaru – Short Get Away from City

Thinking of a short get away from the hustle and bustle of city? Desaru offers a short get away not too far from Singapore. Desaru is the popular beach resort located at the south eastern tip of Johor State facing the majestic South China Sea. Johor Transport provides best transportation facility from Singapore to Desaru.

Even though it is not impossible to have a single day round trip to Desaru, it is recommended to stay overnight in the hotels because of the host of activities to keep visitors occupied. There are few 4 Star hotels situated at the Desaru beach front offering reasonable rates. Tourist attractions are about 15 to 30 minutes away by drive. As public transportation is not readily available in Desaru, it is recommended to self drive or book taxi on hourly disposal to move around the place.

1. Desaru Beaches

Facing the South China Sea, Desaru has one of the most beautiful beaches in Malaysia. Visitors could enjoy the Sea Sports, water activities, water theme park (at Lotus Desaru Resort) and Spa. For those who love land activities, there are tennis courts and few golfs resorts nearby. There are many hammocks by the beach where one could rest under the shade or simply sit by the beach and enjoy the sea breeze and the scenic view.  During the monsoon period from October to March, the wave could rise as much as 5 feet. Swimming is prohibited during this period.

Desaru beach resort

The main draw of Desaru Tour is its beautiful long stretch of sandy beach. Besides the scenic beaches and resorts, Desaru offers a host of many other tourist attractions.

2. Desaru Fruit Farm-A one day trip

Desaru fruit farm offers education tour packages of tropical fruit plantation where a variety of local tropical fruits are planted, such as durian, papaya, mango, rambutan, banana and not so common one such as dragon fruit (originated from Vietnam), passion fruit etc. Included in the tour route are Herbal and Vegetable Garden and Mini-Zoo tour. An educational sharing on bee hive and honey harvesting process end are also conducted at the end of the tour.

Desaru fruit farm

3. how to go Desaru Ostrich Farm

Ostrich Farm is located about 30 km away from the Desaru Beach resort. This is another highly educational attraction where visitors could come close to the ostrich and see these fantastic but gigantic birds. The farm showcases different growth stages of Ostrich, from the new born to chicks of weeks to months. However the key highlight of the tour is the Ostrich Egg which could weigh up to 1.5 kg each. Do you know that Ostrich egg is the largest egg on modern earth (post Dinosaur age)? And an Ostrich egg is equivalent to 2 dozens eggs in volume? You could purchase the fresh ostrich egg from the farm home for dinner!!

Desaru ostrich farm

4.Jade Garden Hotel Pangerand

Sungai Rengit- A Beautiful village sea food restaurant– One must not miss the hearty and sumptuous fresh seafood in a small seafood town of Sungai Rengit, about 30 km away from the Desaru beach resorts. This town is popular among the Singaporean food lovers because of the variety and choice of seafood available and at very reasonable price. Visitors would be spoilt for choice. For the first timer, one could imagine that Sungai Rengit is a Johor version of East Coast Seafood Centre in Singapore.

jade garden hotel pangerand

5. Sungai Lebam Fireflies

Visit to Desaru is not complete without experiencing the fireflies watching at sungai lebam johor. It is a must see unique tourist attraction where millions of fireflies thrive among the sauna and flora along the bank of Sungai Lebam. Firefly tour is conducted nightly and is best experience during the New Moon when there is little or no light. The boat fetches the visitors up the river stream along the river bank where visitors are brought close to these harmless lights. With millions of fireflies lighting up the river sides, the sight is simply mesmerizing, truly magical. It is an experience not to be missed.

desaru resort package

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