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Car Rental in JB to Save Cost

How to Hire Rental Car in JB Private transport by Self Drive or Taxi is the common and practical mode of transport in Malaysia. Car is necessity to move round the huge country. If you do not own a car in Singapore or do not wish to drive your personal car, you may...

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Best Foods in Yong Peng

Best Foods in Yong Peng Sitting on the centre of Johor, Yong Peng is not just known with its strategic geographical location, but also the delicacies of Fuzhou. Along with a large number of migrants from Fuzhou, besides Sitiawan, Yong Peng is also referred to “Little...

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Top 8 Food Recommendation in Batu Pahat

Batu Pahat has no lack of good food, and offers a variety of specialties from different ethnicity. Here are a few, out of many options, that are highly recommended by local taste buddies: Asam Pedas Fish In recent years, Batu Pahat has also made a name for itself in...

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Top 6 Halal Food Places To Go in Johor!

40 Hari Kari Kambing If you are a big fan of mutton, then this is a must-go. The food is heaven, i repeat, HEAVEN. Even better, they also come in dulang! Well, when was the last time you eat in dulang? One set of dulang consists of generous amount of kari kambing,...

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Interview by Zaobao on Congestion at Causeway

长堤天天塞 越堤族网上诉苦 宋慧纯2015年12月15日| (新明日报今日新闻)塞车变常态?适逢年终尖峰期,加上在巴黎恐袭后当局加强戒备,日日过新马通勤的10万“马劳”,大喊受不了,声称患上“塞车恐惧症”,想到要越堤就怕。...

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Bev C – Dress Up, Work On, Dine In, Check Out

Hey travellers! After a long tiring day of city exploration, perhaps it’s time to just sit down and relax. If you are just around the corner, do stop by Bev C, one of our favourite places in Johor Bahru where you can chill out and have your eyes and hands wandering...

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Humble Life in Kukup Fishing Village, Johor

If you had been to Pulau Ketam in Port Klang, Malaysia, Johor’s Kukup fishing village would probably catch your attention, especially if you need to escape the hustle and bustle of major cities. Due to its short distance to Malaysia’s neighbouring country, Kukup...

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LEGO Legends of Chima in MINILAND

The recent launching of LEGO Legends of Chima in MINILAND is another great reason for you to book a trip to LEGOLAND Malaysia from Singapore soon. This fantasy world features a variety of hands-on interactive elements and animated effects. The detailed reconstruction...

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Tour to Legoland Malaysia Resort

If you are planning a family get-away in Johor, a tour to Legoland Malaysia Resort should be on top of your list! What You Shouldn’t Miss inLegoland The popularity of LEGO transcends generations. While LEGO’s main targets for its toys are children aged five to twelve,...

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Hassle-free Transport to Legoland, Hello Kitty and JPO

Whether it is for the holidays or a vacation, Johor is an excellent choice for a short getaway! Popular tourist spots in Johor include Legoland, Hello Kitty Land, Johor Premium Outlet, Johor Bahru town and Desaru Beach resorts. Unless one drives, taking public...

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