Want to try fishing but don’t know where to go? Or bored with the same fishing spots around Johor?  Fishing Kelongs is the right place for you.

What is a kelong? A kelong is a fishing platform that is surrounded by the ocean or in other words, an offshore platform. Most of the kelongs are even big and strong enough for people to live there.

Floating over the waters of johor, these kelongs are the perfect place for anglers to fish. The isolated location of the kelongs also makes it a suitable place to escape from the busy life in the city. Thus, if you don’t want to go fishing, you could still go to these kelongs for a holiday.

According to Fishing Experts Top List, here is a complete list of fishing kelongs that you can visit in Johor!


1. Ah Fatt Kelong Fishing Resort

Ah Fatt Kelong is a fishing resort that is located in a town called Endau in the Mersing District. It is one of the 4 kelongs in the Pulau Sibu area. If you do not feel like fishing, you can still sit back and enjoy the peaceful surrounding of the kelongs

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Plus, there are more fun activities for you to do besides fishing. For examples, you can go snorkeling, play Mahjong and they also have snooker! And, they could even provide you with a birthday cake if you are planning a birthday party.

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Furthermore, Ah Fatt Kelong is favored among anglers because it is well equipped facilities. From simple daily needs to fishing grears. They also sell snacks and beers for you to have while fishing. They sell some live shrimps for you to use as bait and they even have fishing rods for you to rent if you didn’t bring yours.

The Kelong is run by some Chinese and Malay crews which are very friendly and helpful. For beginners, they would gladly teach you how to fish! So you don’t have to worry if you’re new into fishing because you will have some helping hands to guide you.

How to get to Ah Fatt Kelong Fishing Resort

Ah Fatt Kelong is located in Endau, Mersing. Endau is a city which is 200km from Johor Bahru. You have to take the Lebuhraya Utara/Selatan to get there. Then, go to Penyabong jetty which is just a 16 minute drive from Endau. After that, you can take the ferry to go to the kelong.

Contact: 014-988 1988


2. Kukup Kelong

One of the most well known kelong in Johor is the Kukup Kelong. The kelong’s reputation rose because of its undeniable delicious seafood and comfortable accommodation. Although most people would go there for its food, the Kukup Kelong is actually a good spot for fishing.

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Kukup Kelong is actually a fishing village which has last for 100 years. And over the years, the kelong has grown to accommodate the increasing numbers of visitors and anglers.

This kelong could provide you with simple needs as they have shops, temples and restaurants. In addition, they even have chalets for you to stay and relax during your visit.

How to get to Kukup Kelong

Kukup Kelong is located in Pontian, Johor. Pontian is 48 km from Johor Bahru and is accessible through Route 1 and Route 5. Once you get to Pontian, drive to the Kukup Ferry terminal via Jalan Kukup which is approximately 21 km. Then, take a boat to the kelong.


3. Kelong Acheh

Kelong Acheh is a resort in the boarders of Pahang and Johor. This kelong is the perfect fishing spots for those anglers and fishers that love to fish on a rakit house or a kelong. Plus, Kelong Acheh is one of the top kelongs in Malaysia.

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Furthermore, this kelong is not only a famous spot among local fishers, but also to fishers from outside on Malaysia, mostly from Singapore. Besides having fully equipped with comfortable facilities, this kelong also famous because of the multiple fishes that can be caught.

There are several packages offered which covers foods, transportation from the jetty to the kelong and accommodation. Foods are served 5 times a day and boats to the jetty is operational from 9.00 am until 5.00  pm everyday.

How to get to Kelong Acheh

Kelong Acheh is located in the waters of Mersing. From Johor Bahru, you have to go to the Penyabong Jetty. To get to the jetty, you may take Route 3 or North-East Highway. The kelong is just a 10 minute boat ride from the jetty.

Contact: 07-557 5045


4. Kelong Sri Pantai

Kelong Sri Pantai is a kelong located in the waters of Pontian, Johor. The kelong got its reputation for is massive size and construction that makes it easier for fishers to throw their fishing rods further.

Moreover, it is said that this kelong has many type of fish that can be caught with different types of baits. Some fish that have been caught are Puffer fish, Sea bass and even Swordfish!

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The kelong also has chalets for anglers to rest at night which only cost rm80. The chalet consist of a queen sized bed, bathroom and television.  Additionally, they also has a dorm for those who wants to rest. The dorm also has a kitchen and a prayer room for Muslims.

How to get to Kelong Sri Pantai

From Johor Bahru, take the Skudai – Pontian Highway or Route 5 to get to Pontian Besar. The ride only takes up to 50 minutes. From Pontian Besar, you can go to the kelong via Jalan Pontian.

Location: Kelong Sri Pantai Pontian, 141, Jln. Pontian, Pontian Besar, 82000 Pontian District, Johor
Contact: 010-530 0059


5. Chia Soon Kelong

Chia Soon Kelong is one of the most peaceful and quiet kelongs in Johor. Other than fishing, visitors come to the kelong just to have a short and tranquil getaway from their busy life.

Furthermore, this kelong is located in the Straits of Johor, just the opposite of Singapore. The kelong is protected from the monsoons because of its strategic location surrounded by the islands.

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The foods served on this kelong is  marvelous! You can have seafood steamboat for dinner and barbecue for supper. And for breakfast, you can have their fish porridge which is delicious.

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How to get to Chia Soon Kelong

As it is located betwwen Johor and Singapore, it can be access through Singapore. You can take a boat at Changi Point Ferry Terminal in Singapore to Tg. Pengelih Jetty for custom procedures. From the customs, you can take a boat to the kelong which only takes up to 15 minutes.

Contact: +65  6492 9203, +65 9616 9883/ +65 9671 4721 (Mobile)

6. Pulau Kelong Sibu

Pulau Kelong Sibu is located in the vicinity of one of the famous island in Johor, Pulau SIbu. The kelong was once a fishing village but as the time passed, the fishing village turned into a fishing spot for fishers.

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Moreover, this kelong is now one of the top fishing spots in Johor. This is because of the clear and beautiful waters and also the multiple types of fish that you can catch.

How to get to Pulau Kelong Sibu

The kelong is located at the Mersing District. To get to Mersing from Johor, take the Jalan Abdul Razak and then Route 3 highway. After that, take Jalan Tanjung Leman and go to the jetty. From the jetty, you can take a boat to get to the kelong.

Contact: +6019 – 705 5507 / +6017 – 777 4933 


7. Poseidon Oysterbay Resort

Last but not least, the Poseidon Oysterbay Resort in Kota Tinggi, Johor. This resort is actually a floating kelong that was built entirely with Chengal wood. The resort is also attached to a fish farm and an oyster farm. This resort boosts its reputation with its comfortable facilities, friendly staffs and delicious fresh foods.

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The accommodation is the best of the best. The rooms ar equipped with air-conditioners, beautiful bathroom and a balcony. They also has a lounge space with DVD players, sound systems for karaoke and mahjong tables.

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In addition, the foods are good. you can have steamboats or barbecue for dinner. The baked fish are soft and tender and the prawns are big and satisfying. Plus, the grilled lamb are incredibly delicious.

Overall, this resort is a great place to chill and relax with your family or friends.

How to get to Poseidon Oysterbay Resort

The resort is located in Teluk Sengat, Kota Tinggi. To get there from Johor, you have to take Route 3 to Jalan Kota Tinggi which would take about 40 minutes. Then, along Jalan kota Tinggi take Jalan Teluk Sengat. From there, you can go to the Teluk Sengat Jetty and take a boat to Poseidon Oysterbay Resort.

Location: J222, Teluk Sengat, 81900 Kota Tinggi, Johor
Contact: 019-269 9566