Top 6 Halal Restaurant in Johor Bahru

40 Hari Kari Kambing

If you are a big fan of mutton, then this is a must-go. The food is heaven, i repeat, HEAVEN. Even better, they also come in dulang! Well, when was the last time you eat in dulang? One set of dulang consists of generous amount o Halal Food Places To Go in Johorf kari kambing, rice, vegetables (cucumber, tomatoes and cabbage) and comes with 1 jug of drink. It’s gonna cost you only RM48. Sharing is caring, right? For big eater, up to 3 people can share it on one go. For light eater, 4 to 5 people are gonna make the cut. The more the merrier! Strategically located alongside the North-South PLUS highway, you can clearly see the restaurant on your left when you drive pass Ayer Hitam north bound.

It’s not a flashy place but the sign is big enough to attract your eyes. You should get your eyes checked if you ever miss the sign. It’s that big! To reach the location, take the Ayer Hitam exit number 244 and turn left at the junction after the toll. When you reach the town, turn right and go straight ahead towards Yong Peng. Just be forewarned, start your engine in the morning because this place is open as early as 7.30 am and closed at 3pm.

 Address : 215, Kg. Hj. Ghaffar, Bt 5 1/2, Jln Yong Peng 83730 Johor

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Tel no: 07-7583129, 014-6372243, 019-6272243

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Luton Van Dataran Merdeka

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If you are looking for a “santai” dinner place, here’s the place to be! There are many luton vans with various of food choices. Street food of rojak, tauhu bakar, yong tau foo, cendol, ABC and many more to be indulged in. It is located on noticeable spot beside Dataran Merdeka opposing the HSA with flashy neon light. Prices are affordable, nothing too pricey. Parking area is provided by the city council.

 Jalan Chat, Dataran Bandaraya Johor Bahru, 80100 Johor Bahru, Johor.

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halal buffet in johor bahru

You should spare your tummy empty before going here because the portion they give will explode your stomach. Well, not literally. It is one of the best restaurant in Johor Bahru. For the record, I have been to this place at least 10 times because that is how much finger I have. There are western and eastern cuisine on the menu. Oh yes, and cakes too! Apart from their succulent choices of meal, their cakes awill astound your taste bud!

The must eat list includes red velvet cake, chocolate caramel cake, peach smoothie, marinara spaghetti, mee hoon goreng tomyam, and….actually it just never stops. I must warn you though, most of the meal are not for one especially if you are a light eater. Another reason why I love this restaurant is the ambience. The atmosphere is relaxing and decent for family & friend gathering. Not to mention the sporting workers that generously sing you a good birthday song (sometimes with guitar) upon request.

Address: Jalan Nong Chik Heights, Taman Nong Chik, 80100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Phone: +60 17-731 3386

Operating hour: 3pm-12am

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Medan Selera Tepian Tebrau

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You might always think about Senibong when you wanted to eat seafood. But hey, there is another place you can go! Tepian Tebrau should be on your top list when it comes to seafood galore with great prices. There are many tenants which you can choose from. I would recommend gerai Faridah but you can choose other food stall your tummy might leads to. Most of the stalls are open from 5pm onwards, so it’s a great place for dinner.

The prices are slightly cheaper than Senibong and the variation of foods are a lot more! Some stalls accept reservation and payment upfront. You may also pick your own selectionof seafood to be cooked. Lastly, they provide free parking spot, yey!

Address : Jalan Sungai Chat, Johor Bahru, Johor (Beside Dataran Merdeka)
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Special Mee Bandung Galah Muo Ori

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Food alert! This is no ordinary Mee Bandung that you can find elsewhere in Johor. It lives by its first name “Special”. Comes with many enormous shrimp, this is not something you wanna miss. You have to come here at least once in your whole lifetime but I bet you will come again after your first encounter with the Mee Bandung. Aside of Mee Bandung, they also serve other meal such as Nasi Ayam Penyet. The gravy is thicker than the normal Mee Bandung I ever ate before and the combination of the meal with Sirap Bandung just made my day. You should go and try it now!

 Address : 1-10,Jalan Perindustrian, Tanjung Agas, Muar, Johor, Malaysia

Tel : 017-629 4290, 017-2358594

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Selera Tradisi Catering

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Craving for raya cuisine when it’s not even raya yet? yeah, we all got that kind of feeling once in a while. But why bury those craving when you have a raya all-you-can-have warung! Selera Tradisi Catering is a legendary warung in Pontian. Each and every person staying in Pontian should know this warung by now. What you want, you named it! Ketupat, burasak, lepat loi, kuah lodeh, kari kambing, rendang ayam are all there. This warung is open at 5pm until 12pm from Monday to Saturday and closed on Sunday. It is located on the opposite road of Hospital Besar Pontian

Address : 134, Jalan Alsagoff, 82000 Pontian, Johor.

Tel : 013-7773295 (Sabri)

        017-7393478 (Nabila)